A Guide to Cold Weather Camping

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on October 6, 2015
Kayak Morris
Kayak Morris in Morris, IL | gocampingamerica.com

Think camping is an activity exclusive to summertime? Think again—the cooler fall weather means fewer crowds and breathtaking changes in scenery. What’s more, guests can still participate in many of their favorite outdoor pastimes like hiking and fishing, and don’t forget quality time around the fire.

Sure, the dropping temperatures might put a little bite into the air, but that’s no reason to hunker down inside until spring! The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds has a few pieces of advice to make this your most memorable camping trip yet, so chill out(doors) with these expert tips.

Consider a cabin or park model. Whether you’re a beginner camper without all the gear or are just looking for a little more warmth at night, these are great options and can offer amenities such as indoor plumbing, heating, fireplaces, beds and more.

Dress appropriately. With warmer temperatures during the day and cooler temps at night, packing layers is the best way to prepare for fluctuating temperatures. Avoid cotton as well—it absorbs moisture and doesn’t dry as easily, preventing you from staying warm.

Cold Weather Camping Guide

Wilderness Lake Campground in Willington, CT | gocampingamerica.com

Prepare your tent site. If camping in a tent, wrap a second tarp around the tent to keep it insulated overnight. If there’s an electrical outlet at the site, consider bringing an electrical heater to warm up the tent before bed.

Sleep right. Sleeping on a cot or air mattress may seem appealing, but it can actually make you colder as you catch some Z’s. Sleeping on the ground on a mattress (not air filled) will keep you warmer as the air around you won’t cool you down. If you can, invest in a heavy-duty sleeping bag to help brave the chilly nights.

Cold Weather Camping Guide

Kayak Morris in Morris, IL | gocampingamerica.com

Stay hydrated. You’re not going to be sweating as much to tip you off that you’re getting dehydrated, so drink up during all your camping activities.

Get involved. Campgrounds offer a number of terrific fall activities from corn mazes and hay rides to Halloween bashes and haunted houses. Be sure not to miss out on all the opportunities at your campsite during your vacation.

Ready for some chilly fun? Find your perfect campground here, pack your (insulated) gear and get ready for an outdoor excursion you’ll never forget.

This article was posted with permission from the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds and originally appeared as Chill Out: Camping Tips for Cooler Weather on GoCampingAmerica.com.