Actor Colin Mochrie

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on July 15, 2001

We enjoy watching Colin Mochrie in Whose Line Is It Anyway? on ABC. Did he ever appear on Days of Our Lives?
—Karen W., Illinois

Colin Mochrie, 43, has never been on Days of Our Lives, but as one of Canada's busiest actors, he's been in plenty of things that you might have seen. Today he's simultaneously starring in two television series: Whose Line Is It Anyway and Blackfly, a Canadian television series. "People would be surprised at how little I actually work," he says. "With Whose Line, we did 17 tapings and they got 39 shows from that, so it seems like we're working a lot more than we actually are. I guess Blackfly starts up again in June. I'll do seven episodes and have go to back to L.A. (to tape Whose Line)." Mochrie lives in Toronto with his wife, Debra McGrath, and his son, Luke. He's an alumnus of Toronto's famous Second City comedy troupe.