Combining Plants and Containers

Gardening, Home & Family, Outdoors
on March 11, 2007
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Selecting the perfect plant and container combination to beautify your home, patio or deck can be a difficult task. Here are a few suggestions to ensure success.

Container basics—When selecting a container for your plants, choose a color, shape and style that complement the surroundings. Pots and window boxes are available in ceramic, concrete, faux lead, fiberglass, plastic, stone, terra cotta and wood. Remember, the bigger the pot, the easier it is to keep plants well-watered and healthy.

Plant designs—An easy way to enhance the look of containers is to use the “thrillers, fillers and spillers” technique. Thrillers are tall plants, such as cannas, that can be placed in the center or back of a container, depending on how it’s viewed. Thrillers provide a dramatic accent as a way to draw attention. Fillers are medium-size plants that weave together all the other plants in your container, giving it a lush look. Spillers are cascading plants, such as sweet potato vine, that drape down over the pot.

Choosing the best color—For a container that will be viewed from a distance, use bold-colored flowers in warm orange, red or yellow. For containers viewed up close on your deck or patio, choose more subtle tones, such as white, blue or pink. Leaf color and texture can add yet another dimension of interest to a container.

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