Comedian Jeremy Sisto

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on December 10, 2011

What made Jeremy Sisto switch from doing serious roles to comedy?

—Ed Cleveland, Dayton, Ohio

While it is true that Sisto, 37, is best known for his roles on dramas including Law & Order, Six Feet Under and Kidnapped, and the movies Thirteen and Jesus, he is not a complete stranger to comedy, having starred in The Shaggy Dog, Clueless and Moonlight and Valentino.

"When I was young, I did a bunch of movies and they were all failures except for one, Clueless," says the actor, who was born in Grass Valley, Calif. "For a long time, that was brought up a lot, and so I think I kind shied away from [comedy]. Of late, I have been interested in trying to be funny again."

Sisto stars in the new ABC comedy Suburgatory—a combination of suburb and purgatory—as a single dad attempting to get his daughter away from the dangers of New York City.