Common Allergy and Asthma Triggers

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on August 20, 2012
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Tired of allergy and asthma symptoms? Avoid these common triggers for easier breathing.

Dust mites. Body parts and droppings from these almost invisible creatures are found throughout most homes, particularly in bedrooms. Vacuum frequently and consider placing dust mite-proof covers on mattresses and pillows.

Mold. Damp, musty areas of your home can create a breeding ground for molds, which produce irritating substances that may act as allergens. Clean up the mold promptly to reduce exposure and use a dehumidifier if dampness is an issue in your home.

Cockroaches and other pests. Droppings from household insects are common triggers for allergic reactions and asthma attacks. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends keeping counters and floors clean and sealing any openings to your house.

Food. Allergies to foods such as peanuts and shellfish can induce asthma attacks. Avoid eating foods known to cause health problems.

Pets. Pet dander, not hair, is another trigger. Reducing exposure to dogs and cats may help, as well as keeping pets away from upholstered furniture.