Comedian Conan O'Brien

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on March 9, 2003

I've noticed that Conan O'Brien has been wearing a wedding ring. I thought he was single. Is he married? If so, when and to whom?
—Maxine D., Ohio

The 39-year-old late night talk show host is indeed a married man. He married Liza Powel, an advertising executive Jan. 12, 2002, in her hometown of Seattle. The two met when she appeared in a skit about advertising on his show in the spring of 2000. They talked on the phone a few times before getting together for an actual date. O'Brien recalled seeing Powel arrive in an interview with The New York Observer. "It's very hard to explain, but I just knew." A Brookline, Mass., native whose career in comedy includes writing stints with Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons, O'Brien took over David Letterman's old time slot on NBC in 1993 and has succeeded in the competitive late-night market.