About Actress Connie Britton

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on May 25, 2003

Would you tell me about Connie Britton, who co-starred on the popular sitcom Spin City? Where is she now?
—Gene B., Idaho

Britton, who played Nikki Faber on Spin City, has been busy since the series ended. She is co-starring in an ABC mid-season replacement, Lost at Home, which premiered April 1. The Lynchburg, Va., native plays Rachel Davis, a stay-at-home wife and mother who threatens to leave her husband, an ad agency superstar played by Mitch Rouse, unless he cuts back on his workaholic ways and reconnects with his family. Britton's mom, a former teacher, stayed home to raise Britton and her fraternal twin, Cynthia. Now 35, Britton has been on the big screen, too, starring in the feature films The Next Big Thing and One-Eyed King, and has had a recurring role as Connie Tate in the television drama The West Wing. Britton lives in both New York and Los Angeles and enjoys hiking, biking, running, and doing volunteer work.