Singer Connie Francis

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on January 2, 2005

Please tell me everything you can about singer Connie Francis.
-Gilbert A., New York

The sweet-voiced native of Newark, N.J., started out as a child performer, playing the accordion while singing. That won her a spot on a New York City TV children's talent show, which led to a long career-minus the accordion. Francis didn't miss the bulky instrument. "It died in a flood in my basement in 1967," she recalls. "And I threw a big party that night." A teen sensation starting with the 1958 hit Who's Sorry Now?, Francis went on to a stellar singing career in rock and pop music. She still tours today and is putting together a live CD of her performances. Now 66, she lives in Parkland, Fla. (pop. 13,835), and spends her spare time "shopping, shopping, shopping. I have a black belt in shopping!" says Francis, who has one son.