Cool Tools for a Hot Grill

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on June 23, 2014
BBQ Grill Tools

Make your backyard barbecue a don’t- miss event with these American-made grilling accessories.

Personalize your protein—and impress your guests—with the Williams-Sonoma Monogrammed Forged Steak Brand, a miniature version of the iron brands used to identify herds of livestock across the West. Custom made with one, two or three initials, each brand is hand forged by a Texas cattle rancher. ($39.95)

Grease, grime and high temperatures—on or off the grill—are no competition for the Tuff Duck BBQ Apron, made in North Carolina of machine-washable polyester duck fabric. Two rows of double-stitched pockets and attached carabiners keep condiments and tools within easy reach. ($58.95)

Keep your secret sauce hot and baste with confidence with the Lodge Sauce Kit, which includes a grill- ready, cast-iron melting pot, plus a dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant silicone basting brush that holds more sauce than traditional bristled brushes. ($22.50)

The Pops Q Tool will let you eliminate a handful of other accessories. It conveniently combines six common gadgets (a spatula, fork, tongs, grill scraper, knife and the ever- important bottle opener) in one sturdy, stainless steel utensil made in Utah. Starting at ($49.99)

Smoking hotbutt?No problem. Lift, carve and shred your barbecue with Bear Products Bear Paws, a pair of over-sized forks that resemble grizzly bear paws. Available in black, white or pink, which supports breast cancer awareness, the 5-by-7-inch heavyweight nylon paws are manufactured at a small factory in Layton, Utah. ($17.99)

Grills are expensive. Protect your investment and keep the grates clean with a Tuff-Built Grill Brush, designed to remove residue without damaging cooking surfaces. The dense brass bristles scrub away last night’s dinner, and a 20-inch handle keeps your hands clean and out of harm’s way. Crafted in Ohio by a manufacturer of industrial brushes. ($23.97)

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