Crafters, Get Organized!

Decorating, Home & Family
on October 20, 2014
How to Organize Your Craft Station

If you’re the crafty type, chances are you have a table, closet or room overrun with supplies. “Craft supplies can become like a collection and can get out of hand,” says Monica Friel, of Chaos to Order, a professional organizing firm in Chicago and Atlanta. Keep your arty odds and ends in check with her tips.

Stick to your space. When your markers, glue gun sticks and fabric scraps start to creep beyond their designated table, corner or room, it’s time to purge.

Sort your stuff. Put like items—scissors, paint brushes, etc.—together in see-through or easy- access containers, or stack on shelves and drawers to help you keep track of your inventory.

Plan a tidy-up day every week or two. “Carving out a day to clean and organize will save you time, energy and frustration later,” Friel says.

Adopt the one-year rule. If you haven’t touched supplies for a project in a year or so, give them a new home. “Find someone new to the craft, or donate the items to a church or senior center,” Friel says. “It can be easier to pare down when you give things to others.”

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