Ask AP: Paget Brewster

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on January 27, 2011

Paget Brewster plays FBI profiler Emily Prentiss on TV’s Criminal Minds. Can you tell me more about her acting career?
¬óFrank Peppers, Galax, Va.

Brewster, 41, will not appear in every episode of Criminal Minds this season. Her role was cut back at the same time co-star A.J. Cook, who played “J.J” Jareau, was released from the series last year. Before coming to Hollywood, the native of Concord, Mass., attended a New England boarding school where both her parents were teachers. She first caught the public’s eye as Joey’s girlfriend Kathy in Friends. Her other TV credits include roles on Huff, Love & Money and Two and a Half Men.  She’s provided voices for the animated series American Dad and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.