‘Crook and Chase’

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on January 18, 2004

Whatever happened to Crook & Chase? I really miss them on TV.

—Verla G., Illinois

Lorianne Crook and Charlie Chase are still on television—in separate shows. But the Great American Country channel is now featuring classic episodes of Crook & Chase, the nationally syndicated television variety show that aired in the 1990s. “I look back and it reminds me how wonderful those shows were,” Chase says. “Sure the hair is different, not much, but a little. But aside from that, we don’t look much different, and those shows go back to the mid-’90s. It really brings home once again the fact that we had a heck of a show there.” Since their nationally syndicated television variety show ended in 1999, both have moved on to other projects. Crook’s new show, Lorianne Crook’s Celebrity Kitchen, is a daily one-hour show with celebrity guests preparing healthy recipes using fresh, organic ingredients, as well as conversation and country music videos. Chase, meanwhile, has hosted Mornings on Fox 17 for more than two years. A celebrity interview and variety show, it airs on a Nashville, Tenn., television station. “I get up at 3:30 every morning,” Chase says. “I feel like I’m getting a head start on the world.” You also can check your local country radio station listings for The Crook & Chase Countdown, a syndicated show featuring a countdown of the Top 45 country hits each week.