Country Singer Crystal Gayle

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on February 17, 2002

Can you please tell me what country music singer Crystal Gayle is up to these days? Does she have a fan club where I can write to her?
—Jo Ann J., Texas

The singer with the raven-color hair down-to-there has quite the full plate. Gayle, 51, still performs regularly around the country, went on a 10-date holiday tour in December, and released a new single titled Christmas in America. Her most current works include a full album of Hoagy Carmichael songs, and her latest CD, In My Arms, is a collection of lullabies. She also has released two inspirational albums. A native of Paintsville, Ky., Gayle has long made her home in Nashville, Tenn., where she and her husband, Bill Gatzimos, live with their two children, son Chris, 15, and daughter Catherine, 18. She also runs her own business, Crystal's for Fine Gifts and Jewelry, in Nashville. Though she doesn't have an official fan club, you can write to her at Gayle Enterprises, 51 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203.