Actress Cynthia Watros

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on May 28, 2006

What can you tell me about Cynthia Watros from Lost? I know I've seen her on other shows.
—Dona Schumann, LeRoy, Minn.

The Michigan-born actress first became known on The Guiding Light, for which she won an Emmy. When she left the show in the late 1990s, she landed roles on The Drew Carey Show, the comedy series Titus and now the runaway hit Lost. Although Lost is filmed in Hawaii, Watros' main residence is in Los Angeles with her husband and their twin daughters. She was pregnant with the twins during the time she was starring in Titus, in which her character wasn't supposed to be pregnant. So, the show's directors "disguised" her condition by having Watros stand behind objects, hold various bulky items and wear dark clothes. When they ran out of camera angles and props, they came up with a plot twist that involved her character breaking a leg and being confined to a wheelchair.