Dakota Johnson Follows in Hollywood Family’s Footsteps

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on September 27, 2012


Is Dakota Johnson on the TV series “Ben & Kate” related to “Miami Vice” star Don Johnson?
Ethel Hightower, Amarillo, Texas
Yes! And not only is Dakota, 23, the daughter of Don Johnson, but her mom is actress Melanie Griffith and her grandmother is “The Birds” star Tippi Hedren, so she is of third-generation Hollywood lineage. The Austin, Texas, native has appeared in the movies “The Social Network,” “Beastly,” “Theo,” “The Five-Year Engagement,” “21 Jump Street” and “Goats.” On following in her parents’ footsteps, she says, “As a child, I was into all different sorts of activities, and I thought about being lots of different things. But the one thing that stuck with me and made sense to me is telling stories, acting and working in this business.”