‘Dallas’ Star Patrick Duffy

Celebrity Q&A
on September 12, 2011

What is Patrick Duffy up to these days?
—Kim Clark, Wilmington, N.C.

Duffy, 62, who was born in Townsend, Mont., is geared up for shooting the new Dallas TV series in mid-October, but he’s having a ball with his online “webisode” series, Patrick Duffy and the Crab, conceived, written and produced by his son Conor and daughter-in-law Emily Cutler. The actor also is happy about the recent DVD release of his 1977-78 sci-fi series The Man From Atlantis and his four Atlantis TV movies. “I have two pair of the atrocious yellow swimming trunks I wore on the show, which I am willing to my boys, Padraic and Conor, whether they want them or not,” says the former carpenter, who lives with his wife of 37 years on a 600-acre ranch in Oregon.

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