Gilles Marini

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on September 3, 2009

I miss watching Gilles Marini, who was paired with Cheryl Burke on Dancing With the Stars last season. He became such a good dancer. What is next for Gilles? Does he plan to continue dancing?
Maryann Reilly, Live Oak, Fla.

"Yes, I plan to continue dancing," Marini says. "Right now, I can’t because of a shoulder injury, but I will be back very soon. I love to dance." As far as what’s next, Marini, 33, will be joining the cast of the ABC-TV series Brothers & Sisters as the love interest of Rachel Griffiths’ character. "It is very exciting and challenging. There is so much talent in the cast, and I can’t wait to be on set." And watch for him in a guest appearance on the upcoming season of FX’s Nip/Tuck as Vanessa Redgrave’s husband.