Singer Darryl Worley

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on October 31, 2004

Darryl Worley Sings Small-Town Truths

Darryl Worley’s self-titled new CD, which hits stores later this week, is the album he was born to make. “We did a lot of things different this time,” explains Worley, best known for his 2003 anthem, Have You Forgotten? and the No. 1 hit I Miss My Friend. “It’s more of a signature sound, with a honky-tonk edge. It could be our biggest album yet.”

The 6-foot, 6-inch former research biologist lives in his boyhood town of Savannah, Tenn. (pop. 6,917), with his wife Beverly, an amazing cook who owns a local cafe. Although Worley travels frequently, he remains active in Hardin County, where he stages an annual concert to help needy residents.

He says his new songs are about real life: Wake Up, America addresses drug abuse in small communities. “It’s a little dark, but it needs to be said,” insists Worley, who turns 40 this week. “That’s what we do. We haven’t worried about what was expected from us or been cautious. We are always moving slowly but surely toward more traditional music that rings true and is what I stand for.”