Actor David Giuntoli

Celebrity Q&A, People
on January 20, 2012

Q: Does David Giuntoli have a favorite fairy tale he is looking forward to doing on his TV series Grimm?

—Chester Arnold, Sioux City, Iowa

Giuntoli, 31, who plays a homicide detective who discovers he is descended from an elite line of criminal profilers known as Grimms charged with keeping the balance between humans and mythological creatures, claims not to have a favorite fairy tale.

"My favorite fairy tale is one that lets my character get in a nice little fight," he says. "The thing is with Grimm, they are kind of fractured fairy tales, so when you see the show and you recognize a fairy tale, that is great. But if you don't know that [particular] fairy tale, that is okay, too. You can follow the mystery."

Growing up in the '80s, Giuntoli says he was familiar with the snippets of tales he was exposed to, especially courtesy of Disney. But since landing the role of detective Nick Burkhardt, he has purchased The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales.

"It is a meaty read, but man, the kids don't live all the time. It is very dark," he points out.

And while his TV character may battle all kinds of demons and evil spirits, Giuntoli says that he doesn't believe in the supernatural. "I don't personally believe in ghosts, but I am the type of guy who-while not believing in it-has to turn on the lights if something is going bump in the night."