Singer Davis Daniel

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on March 31, 2002

Can you tell me if country music singer Davis Daniel still records and if he's going to have any new releases coming out? I enjoy his singing very much.
—Gary W., Ohio

Daniel has released three albums, Fighting Fire With Fire in 1991, Davis Daniel in 1994, and I Know A Place in 1996. He's writing and producing a new album independently with the first single being Is It Just Me. Daniel was born in Chicago and the hard times he and his family endured while he was growing up allowed him to keep the ups and down of the music industry in perspective. After living in Montana and Nebraska, his family moved to Denver, where he developed a local following. Daniel later moved to Nashville, Tenn., in a beat-up 1972 Chevy Impala. He signed a record deal in 1990 and quickly became known for such hits as Picture Me and Fighting Fire With Fire. He was forced to regroup, however, when his label, A&M Records-Nashville, closed. Since then, he has been spending time with his wife, Julie, and three children, focusing on writing new songs, and touring.