‘Dead Celebrity Cookbook’ Book Review

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on February 26, 2012

The Dead Celebrity Cookbook
By Frank DeCaro
Softcover, 370 pages ($19.95)

Long before there were celebrity chefs, there were celebrities who liked to think of themselves as chefs—or who could, at least, whip up an impressive dish or two. The author, a former film critic who hosts The Frank DeCaro Show daily on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, culled through hundreds of old movie magazines, out-of-print cookbooks and musty biographies to dig up this thoroughly entertaining step-by-step smorgasbord of edibles from Elizabeth Taylor (“Chicken with Avocado & Mushroom”), Vincent Price (“Pepper Steak”), Johnny Cash (“Old Iron Pot Family Style Chili”), Lawrence Welk (“Lake Tahoe Meat Loaf”) and more than 150 famous folks who’ve gone on to that big kitchen in the sky.

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