Singer-actress Deanna Durbin

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on August 18, 2002

My favorite actress when I was in my teens was Deanna Durbin. She got married and moved to France. I haven't heard anything concerning her in all these years. Is she still in France? Did she have a family?
—Rita S., Arizona

The Canadian-born actress and singer was a huge star in her teen years, but she never much liked the spotlight. When she married her third husband, French film director Charles Henri David, she said that she wanted to live the life of a "nobody." They moved to France, and she mostly got her wish. She stopped doing movies and refused to give interviews. In the last few years, with the advent of the Internet, fans found Durbin. Though flattered by the interest, she found herself spending a great deal of time answering the letters and requests from fans. When her husband died in 1999, Durbin sent word to a fan club in England, called the Deanna Durbin Society, that she had "re-retired." Now 80 years old, she is happily a "nobody" again, still living in France. She has a daughter and one stepson.