Fitness Expert Denise Austin

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on July 29, 2001

Please tell me something about fitness guru Denise Austin. She never seems to age.
—John W., Iowa

Denise Austin, 44, continues to thrill fans with her enthusiastic workouts. The 5-foot-4-inch, 112-pound fitness motivator grew up in San Pedro, Calif., and started gymnastics at age 12. She earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Arizona and graduated in 1979 with a degree specializing in exercise physiology. She then began teaching aerobic classes in the Los Angeles area and appeared in her own local television program. Today show fans will remember her as a former resident fitness expert. Her show, Getting Fit, aired on ESPN from 1987-97. Then Denise Austin's Daily Workout began airing on Lifetime TV. Austin has made more than 30 exercise videos. She is married to sports attorney Jeff Austin and has two daughters, Kelly and Katie.