Actor Denney Miller

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on July 8, 2007

Q What happened to the actor who played the Gorton's fisherman in TV commercials? I think he's also been in movies and TV shows.
—S. Watson, Petersburg, Tenn.

Denny Miller portrayed the seafood company icon in TV commercials for 14 years, until 2005. But long before that, he was the first blond actor to portray Tarzan in the 1959 movie Tarzan, The Ape Man, had a recurring role on TV's Wagon Train in the early '60s and made hundreds of guest appearances on sitcoms and other series, such as Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, Wonder Woman and Charlie's Angels. Miller, 73, has a degree in physical education and wrote an award-winning 2006 book, Toxic Waist?, about America's obesity problem. These days he lectures, leads relaxation classes and appears at film festivals, Western conventions and other events.