Actress Diahann Carroll

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on April 6, 2003

What is Diahann Carroll doing now? I thought I saw her on a commercial.
—Beth M., California

Carroll has done no commercials lately, but appeared recently on the UPN sitcom, Half & Half, as the grandmother of two half-sisters who were strangers until they became neighbors in a San Francisco apartment building. One more appearance is scheduled on the sitcom, but Carroll, 67, is in negotiations for a recurring role on the show. The New York native made television history in 1968 as the first black actress to star in her own series, NBC's Julia. This month, she's scheduled to be featured with Valerie Harper and others in a special on the Women's Entertainment network about single women on television (Julia was a single mother). Carroll is a Tony award winner and was nominated for an Emmy, Academy Award, and Grammy. She is also working on the final details of her launch of a new skin care line. Her fashion line already sells on QVC and in specialized stores around the country. Her numerous acting credits include Dynasty, Lonesome Dove: The Series, and the movie Eve's Bayou.