Diane Ladd and Laura Dern in HBO’s ‘Enlightenment’

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on September 16, 2012


Have Diane Ladd and daughter Laura Dern worked together in a TV series before HBO’s “Enlightenment?”
Joan Arnold, Mobile, Ala.
No, but Dern, 45, and Ladd, 76, were in the 1996 miniseries “The Siege at Ruby Ridge” and co-starred in several films, notably “Wild at Heart” and “Rambling Rose.” The latter resulted in the two being the first mother and daughter tandem to be nominated for an Oscar for the same film. “I adore working with my daughter anytime,” says Ladd, who plans to produce “The Woman Inside,” a film about the late Martha Mitchell and her husband, Attorney General John Mitchell, during the Watergate scandal, starring Ladd and Dern as the older and younger versions of Martha. She also is working to take her musical, “The Last of the Bad Girls,” to Broadway. “It’s fabulous, like old vaudeville show business,” she says.