Entertainer Dick Clark

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on February 23, 2003

My son says Dick Clark is in his 80s. I say no way. How old is he? What's he up to now?
—Ethel G., Tennessee

Dick Clark, known as "America's oldest living teenager," is 73 years old and working harder than ever. He's a whirlwind both behind the camera and in front of it. Check out any number of awards shows throughout the year and chances are his company, dick clark productions, has put it together: The American Music Awards, The Daytime Emmy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, and The Academy of Country Music Awards are produced by his company. In fact, he shows up on camera to interview nominees and winners on a number of the shows. He still produces and hosts the Bloopers specials and welcomes in the New Year with Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. His company also produces the new NBC series, American Dreams. Since one of the major plot lines follows a teenage girl who dances on American Bandstand, he appears on that show, too, though it's in footage from the original show.