Did Stefanie Powers Play John Wayne’s Daughter?

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on October 27, 2013

Am I remembering correctly that Stefanie Powers once played John Wayne’s daughter in a Western movie?
—Keith Hughes, Lawton, Oklahoma

Yes, Stefanie Powers, who turns 71 on Nov. 2, played the daughter of Wayne’s character in “McLintock!” (1963). More recently, the Hollywood, California, native starred in “Reading, Writing & Romance” on TV’s Hallmark Channel and earlier this year she toured in “Loop,” portraying stage and screen star Tallulah Bankhead. The president of the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, Powers also works to preserve and protect the remaining herds of the North American wild horses. Best known as the star of the TV shows “The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.” and “Hart to Hart,” she lives part-time in Kenya.