60-Second Interview: In the Kitchen with Tiffani

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on February 17, 2016
Tiffani Thiessen
Cooking Channel

If you only know actress Tiffani Thiessen from the TV series Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills, 90210 or White Collar, you’re in for a treat. The native Californian, 42, is also a whiz in the kitchen—so much so that the Cooking Channel gave her the chance to display her skills on her own show, Dinner at Tiffani’s.


You’ve been busy acting since you were 8. How did you become a good enough cook to land your own TV show?

I always had a love for food. I think growing up in a household where all the women were always in the kitchen cooking, it was second nature for me. As I got older, cooking allowed me to be artistic in another form, as well as to show my love for family and friends by making them a home-cooked meal.


Valentine’s Day is around the corner. What’s your suggestion for a romantic dinner?

Stay away from any restaurant. My husband and I have never believed in eating out on Valentine’s. It’s crazy, it’s overpriced and it’s crowded. What’s romantic about that? Get in the kitchen and do something fun.


With all the cooking you do, how do you stay fit?

I work out as often as I can. I’m still trying to lose the baby weight [from second child Holt, born in July]. For me, it’s about variation and change, so I do weight training and spinning.


Do you have a particular dish that you’re known for?

I don’t. I get bored easily, so I like to cook a lot of different things. But my husband would probably say fillets or roasts. My daughter would probably say pizza or tacos. And my friends would say either my tomato soup and grilled cheese or my risotto.


Last season, you had several of your old castmates as your guests. Who will we see this season?

You’ll see some repeats, but you’ll definitely see a ton of new people as well. Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar [also of Saved by the Bell] comes onto the show, and I think a lot of people have been wanting to see him.


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