The Dixie Chicks

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on March 4, 2001

Why did the Dixie Chicks title their newest album Fly? It has no song by that name.
—Rhonda P., Connecticut

"We've kind of earned our wings," explains Martie Seidel, the trio's fiddle-playing Chick. "The first album (Wide Open Spaces) was like the mama bird, the record company, pushing us towards the edge so we could learn to fly. And now we're doing it on our own." The title fit professionally and personally, she says. "When I said to the girls, 'What about Fly for the title of our album?' we started to see how many references there were to flight, birds, or wings in the songs. There are so many meanings to it. It was like a sign." It must have been. In 2000, Fly was named the Country Music Association's Album of the Year, the Academy of Country Music's Album of the Year, and it received a Grammy Award for Best Country Album.