7 DIY Kids’ Games for Backyard Fun

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on July 27, 2015

Along with trips to the beach and icy glasses of lemonade, lawn games are a beloved summer pastime for many families. With these creative DIYs, you can turn up the fun on outdoor games and spend the entire season playing, laughing, and making memories outside with your whole family.


Hockey Slip-n-Slide

Hockey Slip-n-Slide for Kids | AmericanProfile.com

Project via Phyllis at Grandparents Plus

Homemade slip-n-slides are fun on their own–if you’ve got the yard space to set one up–but with the addition of a pool noodle goal on each side plus a ball, this lawn feature turns into a summertime showdown. Kids ages 5-10 will absolutely love this outdoor activity, and it will keep them cool in the sun!


Giant Yard Jenga

Giant Yard Jenga | AmericanProfile.com

Project via Angela at Twelve Oaks Manor

Cut wooden boards into thick, stackable blocks, and turn them into a large Jenga set perfect for picnics on the grass. Get all the kids together and start a super-sized Jenga tournament that will keep them stacking, nudging, and prying away in the yard all summer long.


Bean Bag Toss

Outdoor Bean Bag Toss | AmericanProfile.com

Project via Angela at Blue i Style

Use large pieces of cardboard to create cute cartoon boards with holes for bean bag tosses. Make different levels of difficulty, so younger and older kids can have fun tossing bean bags until the sun goes down.


Outdoor Fort

Kids' Outdoor Fort | AmericanProfile.com

Project via Carrie at Making Lemonade

Turn a corner of your lawn into an outdoor fort using scrap wood or an old fence, and decorate using your children’s favorite prints and patterns. Forts are centers for imagination, and they can give your kids a place to dream up games, activities and all sorts of fun ideas.


PVC Water Obstacle Course

PVC Water Obstacle Course | AmericanProfile.com

Project via Mallory and Savannah at Classy Clutter

Assemble a budget-friendly water park right in your yard using PVC pipes riddled with holes. Just run water through the whole contraption, and kids can spend a gleeful afternoon running through the spray and drying off in the sun.


Sponge Ball Water Fight

Sponge Ball Water Fight | AmericanProfile.com

Project via Aimee at It’s Overflowing

Cut a pack of cheap sponges into absorbent sponge balls, perfect for epic backyard water fights. These easy-to-make sponge balls take just a couple of minutes and, unlike water balloons, they can be reused again and again until everyone’s dripping with water and happily exhausted.


No-Mess Bubble Dispenser

No-Mess Bubble Dispenser | AmericanProfile.com

Project via Morena at Morena’s Corner

Leave bubbles in a no-mess, easy to reach spot for kids, so they can spend hours playing in an endless stream of bubbles and watching each one sparkle in the sun. The no-mess dispenser is easy to make by upcycling an empty detergent container and adding spray paint and stencils.


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