Doc’ Star Billy Ray Cyrus

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on February 29, 2004

I’m a devoted fan of Billy Ray Cyrus. I hope you can give me some information on him and an address where I can write him.

—Helen H., Florida

Believe it or not, the hip-shaking singer of the country song Achy Breaky Heart has just released a gospel album titled The Other Side. “I grew up singing in church with my family,” says Cyrus, 42. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do and is a life-long dream.” He continues to star in the PAX show Doc, which is filmed in Toronto. “Doc has such an inspirational and spiritual message, so coincidentally, I suspect the gospel CD will appeal to the Doc fans too. So it all seems to make sense again.” He and his wife, Tish, live with their six children near Nashville, Tenn. “If I’m real lucky, they’ll come out on the road with me when they can or come up and stay while I’m on the set of Doc. But the kids are at an age now where they have their own activities—school, sports and dance lessons—so it does get lonely at times being away from them. Tish and I realize they aren’t babies anymore.” While he enjoys acting, music remains his first love. “Acting and Doc have been what I call a ‘happy accident.’ Luckily, the producers are the best to work with and actually encourage me by turning some of my song lyrics into plots for episodes. And they include the music wherever they can, so it’s the best of both worlds in that respect.” You can write to Cyrus at BRC Spirit, P.O. Box 1206, Franklin, Tenn., 37065.