Does Brian Austin Green Do His Own Singing?

Celebrity Q&A
on December 26, 2012

Does Brian Austin Green do his own singing on “Wedding Band?” I didn’t know he had the pipes.
—Sherman Greene, Albuquerque, N.M

Green, 39, who stars as Tommy, the lead singer on “Wedding Band,” definitely does his own singing on the TBS series. In fact, he has been around music all of his life. His father, George, was a country music drummer.

Even though the Van Nuys, Calif.-born former “90210” star began acting as a child—he was cast on “Knots Landing” when only 13—he always kept up his interest in music, attending Hamilton High School Academy of Music. Then, when he became interested in rapping, so did his “90210” character David Silver.

In real life, Green, whose son Noah with wife Megan Fox was born in September 2012, released the hip-hop album “One Stop Carnival” in 1996, to little success. So it should come as no surprise that with a rap background, he had to learn the lyrics to the songs he now sings on “Wedding Band.”

“I knew the melodies, but most of the songs, I’ve got to be honest, when I got the lyric sheets my first thoughts were, ‘Oh, those are the words. That’s not what we’ve been singing,’” he says. “I’m a huge music lover, I grew up listening to it. But I’m one of those who when I play—I play piano and drums—I connect way more with melodies usually than the lyrics. So the lyrics are usually the last thing that I learn.”

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