Singer-songwriter Don McLean

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on November 18, 2001

Please give an update on the talented singer, songwriter Don McLean. Where is he now and will he release any new CDs? His song Winterwood is a personal favorite.
—Alice N., Washington

Don McLean continues to tour and make albums. He recently formed Don McLean Records, which released two albums earlier this year. Don McLean Sings Marty Robbins pays tribute to the legendary country singer. Starry, Starry Night is a full concert recorded at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas, which was filmed and shown on PBS. Your personal favorite, Winterwood, is included on this double CD, along with many other McLean hits. Born in New Rochelle, N.Y., in 1945, McLean gained worldwide and nearly instant fame with the now-classic song American Pie, which was released in 1971. The eight-and-a-half minute song remains popular. His follow-up hit, Vincent, about artist Vincent Van Gogh, is played daily at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum. McLean lives with his wife and children in Maine. In addition to touring, he's working on a children's album, a country album, and a new musical for Broadway.