Actor Don Stroud

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on December 10, 2006

Q We have always been fans of Don Stroud, but have not seen him in any movies or TV shows lately. The last time we saw him it looked as if he had an eye injury.
—Kathy Wright, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Actually, the prolific TV and movie actor, now 64, lost an eye one night in 1992 when he intervened in a mugging in New York City. "I stepped in to help and was stabbed six times," he recalls. "The eye I have now is false." Last year, Stroud retired and returned to Hawaii, where he grew up and started in show business as Troy Donahue's surf double in the 1960s TV series Hawaiian Eye. "I did over 100 movies and 250 television shows," says the actor, who often played villains or other unsavory characters. "People ask me what my favorite was, and all I can say is I'm proud that I did that much work."