Donald Trump’s Hair

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on June 6, 2004

Donald Trump is a very interesting fellow and has been on TV a lot lately. Does he wear a bad rug, or does he just have a really bad haircut?

—Robert G., Wyoming

Believe it or not, that question has been debated for quite a few years now. The definitive answer seemed to come during a scene from Trump’s successful reality show, The Apprentice, which showed the much-talked about hair blowing in the breeze. He also let a Newsweek reporter examine his scalp up close to prove that his locks are his own. Trump, who turns 58 on June 14, says that he doesn’t mind the kidding about his hair, though he doesn’t understand why there’s such a fuss. “I don’t say my hair is my greatest strength in the world, but it’s not terrible,” he told Newsweek. The general consensus among hairstylists is that Trump has an elaborate combover, in which he sweeps his hair forward, up and back. But since he doesn’t have a hairdresser-—he says his fiancée Melania Knauss, 33, cuts his hair—only The Donald knows for sure.