Singer Donna Fargo

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on February 15, 2004

Could you tell me whatever happened to singer Donna Fargo?

—Linda Q., New York

Donna Fargo, best known for the 1970s hits Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A. and Funny Face, says she’s concentrating on her writing career these days. She has published two inspirational collections of prose and poetry, Trust in Yourself and To the Love of My Life. Blue Mountain Arts, her Colorado-based publisher, also carries her greeting cards. “It’s hard to plan for shows and rehearse when I’m writing,” says Fargo, 63, although she may book some dates for later this year. Besides her chart-topping singles, Fargo starred in a syndicated television variety show in 1978-79. Her musical awards include a 1972 Grammy Award for the Best Country Vocal Performance by a woman. She is writing a third book and working on some songs. “I enjoy writing so much, I just kind of write what my heart tells me,” she says. Fargo, who is married, lives in Nashville, Tenn.