‘Dream Machines’ for the Parker Brothers?

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on June 10, 2012


The cars the guys make on Syfy’s Dream Machines are so cool, which makes me wonder what they drive. Can you find out?
—Perry Lafferty, High Point, N.C.
Despite the fact that the Parker brothers, based in Melbourne, Fla., design unique cars for movies and TV, they buy from a dealer just like everybody else. 
Shanon drives a Honda Civic and Marc tools around in a Ford Focus.
“We’re like the plumbers with the leaky faucet. We don’t have time to build things for ourselves,” says Shanon, who admits his wife drives a better set of wheels than he does. “To me, I just need to get from A to B to get back to the shop to create things. I have fun creating them. We drive them a little bit just to test them out.” 
“I’m sure we would both like to have much nicer cars,” adds Marc. “It’s just we grew up with a very strong work ethic that our parents definitely instilled in us, and we don’t like not to be working. We work seven days a week, whether we have to or not, and we enjoy what we do so, you know, our car is basically to get us from the house to the shop, and that’s pretty much it.” 
For the first season of Dream Machines, the Parker brothers’ clients included 50 Cent, John Cena and Peter Berg’s new Battleship movie for Universal Studios. 
“Eventually I’m sure if time permits, we’ll build something strange and unusual for ourselves,” Marc says. “I know Shanon has a couple of ideas for what he wants. I have a few ideas for what I want. Eventually it will happen, but for right now it’s just transportation to get the job done.”