Ask AP: Drumline

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on December 2, 2010

My favorite movie is Drumline with Nick Cannon. Was he actually playing the drums in the movie?
Margaret Michalski, Tehachapi, Calif.

The America's Got Talent host, 30, began dabbling with drums, harmonica and synthesizers at age 8. He says that understanding the rhythms of a marching band was challenging, and he trained four hours a day for more than a month before filming on Drumline began. The majority of the time you see Cannon playing the drums, he was, indeed, playing the drums. "The sound of the drum may not be me, but the look of it was me," he says. "They made sure every hit was precise." For audio quality, Cannon and the other drummers had sound-dampening pads on their drums, and the actual drum tracks were overdubbed later.