‘Duck Dynasty’ Delicacies

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on February 2, 2013
Duck Dynasty wives

On “Duck Dynasty,” they’re shown eating frog legs, crawfish and squirrel. Do the wives of the three sons on the show actually eat that kind of food, too?
—Teresa E. Hildebran, Morganton, N.C.

You’re talking about Phil and Kay Robertson’s family on the A&E series set in West Monroe, La., where their Duck Commander company has sold millions of dollars’ worth of duck calls. Says Willie Robertson’s wife, Korie, about her mother-in-law’s culinary talents, “Everything she cooks is delicious, including the frog legs, duck and crawfish dishes, and even the squirrel. I draw the line at eating the squirrel brains, though. Kay loves them and says they make you smarter, but all the wives leave those to her!”