Easy-to-Make Centerpieces

Decorating, Education, Home & Family
on July 15, 2010

When it comes to creating beautiful centerpieces, less is more, says interior designer John Loecke, of New York City. The table already contains food and china, so the centerpiece shouldnt compete, he says.

Loecke offers these three ideas for easy-to-make centerpieces that accent without overpowering:

  • Roses and carnations. Buy fresh roses and carnations in different colors. Remove leaves, and trim stems to 2- to 4-inch lengths, varying heights. Insert flowers into a piece of floral foam that has been soaked in water until saturated, packing flowers tightly. Place arrangement into a bowl-shaped container lined with a plastic bag. If possible, coordinate the color of the bowl with the blossoms. The flowers will bloom big and beautiful in the foam, will last about 10 days and wont need watering.
  • Natural elements. Collect or buy pinecones, branches, leaves or driftwood. Spray paint the items gold, copper or silver. If you have banded china, match the paint to the band on the plates. Place the items in the center of the table, surrounded by four twinkling tea lights in glass votive holders.
  • Row of candles. Use candleholders in varying heights made from the same material, such as glass, ceramic or brass. Place the tallest in the center of the table, and line up the others, in descending order, 15 inches along each side of the center candleholder. Coordinate the candle color with your table linens, or use different shades of the same color candle. If you have solid-color plates, use white candles. For a more casual effect, use pillar candles on saucers.