Actor Ed Wynn

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on August 12, 2007

Q Is Ed Wynn still around? If he is, he's got to be getting on up in years.
—Allen Diedrick, Elyria, Ohio

Wynn, a longtime vaudeville comedian who headed to Hollywood late in his career at the urging of his son, actor Keenan Wynn, died in 1966 at the age of 80. He was known for his rubbery, expressive face and his unique, fluttery voice in a string of movies, including Mary Poppins, Son of Flubber and The Absentminded Professor. He also hosted his own TV variety show, turned down the role of the wizard in The Wizard of Oz—he thought the part was too small—and provided the voice of the Mad Hatter in the animated Alice in Wonderland.