Eddie Cahill Shares Favorite ‘CSI: NY’ Episode

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on September 19, 2012


I am a huge Eddie Cahill fan. Does he have a favorite episode of “CSI: NY”?
Betty Collins, Henderson, Nev.
There are actually two episodes of the CBS procedural drama that come to mind for the New York City-born actor, 34, when asked for his favorite. The first is “Indelible,” the premiere episode from season eight. 
“I thought it was a great episode of television,” says Cahill, who plays Det. Don Flack. “We had the opportunity to engage the tenth anniversary of Sept. 11, which did two things: It did exactly that, and it also marked the passage of time for us being here. It struck a chord with me.” 
Cahill’s second favorite episode goes back to season one and it was titled “The Fall.” “It was the first time I had a chance to engage Don Flack outside of procedure,” he says. “It told the story of how Flack had had a mentor, who did something that got him into trouble. It gave me the chance to do something different. It was one of the first doorways I had into his life, so that episode stands out.” 
Cahill, along with Gary Sinise and the rest of the cast, will be back for the series’ ninth season this fall, and he says he is still enjoying playing the role: “Flack has gotten grayer. I think he has become more centered. If I think about the relationship between Mac [Sinise] and Flack, early on Flack was being led, now even at times he is being consulted. I think he has matured. He has grown up and learned a thing or two.”