Elisha Cuthbert Since ’24’

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on June 7, 2012


What is Elisha Cuthbert up to? I haven’t seen her since 24.
—Carl Facter, Lima, Ohio
Cuthbert followed her role as Kim Bauer on the TV series 24 in several films, including The Quiet, Captivity, My Sassy Girl and The Six Wives of Henry Lefay. But these days, she is mostly showing her funny side on the ABC sitcom Happy Endings. “I was terrified of the idea of coming back to do TV and doing another one-hour drama and feeling like I had to live up to 24,” says the Canadian-born actress, 29. So she made the switch to comedy. “That took two years to happen, but patience and sticking with what I felt was right as far as a career move made it well worth the wait, because here I am on a terrific show.”