Emily Blunt Roles

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on May 19, 2012


I just saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and thought Emily Blunt was charming. What else has she done?
—Daphne Harris, Pensacola, Fla.
The London-born actress, 29 came to fame in America for her performance as Meryl Streep’s neurotic assistant in The Devil Wore Prada. Since then, she has also starred in The Young Victoria, Sunshine Cleaning, The Adjustment Bureau, Dan in Real Life, Charlie Wilson’s War, The Muppets, The Jane Austen Book Club, and most recently The Five-Year Engagement
You aren’t alone in your praise of Blunt. To date, she has been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards—winning one for the TV movie Gideon’s Daughter—two London Film Critics’ Circle Awards and one BAFTA Award. 
Blunt, who married The Office’s John Krasinski in 2010, also voiced the role of Juliet in Disney’s 3D animated film Gnomeo & Juliet
As for her role of Harriet in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, she says she didn’t try her hand at fly fishing on the set, claiming it is “too technical, difficult and precise.” As a young girl, she did, however, experience the joys of deep-sea fishing. “My dad loves to go deep sea fishing, where you have to go way out, which also means huge waves, particularly off the coast of the U.K. So we would go off the coast of Scotland and Cornwall. Dad would book these eight-hour fishing trips. And we’d come back just so ill! I’d just be hurling off the side of the boat the whole time. I don’t have good sea legs, as they say.”