Singer Emmylou Harris

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on October 23, 2005

I would like to know about Emmylou Harris and if she still lives around Nashville.
—Kenneth N., Mississippi

Born in 1947 in Birmingham, Ala., Harris, 58, continues to live in Nashville, Tenn. Her initial recordings were done in Los Angeles, where she helped pioneer the country-rock scene in the early 1970s. She's recorded more than 30 albums, had 27 Top 10 hits and received 11 Grammy awards. Rhino Records recently released The Very Best of Emmylou Harris, celebrating her career of more than three decades. Picking 20 songs for the project from her extensive catalog was tough, she admits. "It was really like a jigsaw puzzle trying to figure out how to represent all of these phases," she says. "I started working on including songs that I thought were artistically important. But I am proud of the hits, too." Currently single, Harris has been divorced three times and has two children.