Singer Eric Horner

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on October 26, 2003

Singer Eric Horner wrote a song, She Is A Hero (And A Woman, Too), that I think he sang for Iraq-held POW Jessica Lynch's homecoming. I heard the song and it's awesome. What can you tell me about him?
—Sarah C., North Carolina

The native of Paducah, Ky. (pop. 26,307), was invited to sing for the former POW's official homecoming celebration and has performed in Lynch's hometown. His song She Is A Hero (And A Woman, Too) is one of 12 original patriotic tunes on his new CD Freedom Rings. "I wrote the song to honor women who are heroes, those who served in the armed forces," says Horner, 38. "The song also honors women who serve in the Red Cross, the space program, teachers, just women who seem to get overlooked in today's world." A gospel singer who lives in Nashville, Tenn., he tours the nation with his wife, Debby, performing songs with a positive message for churches, veterans' groups and the military. One reason he is so dedicated to spreading a patriotic message is that Debby's former husband, Richard Blankenship—the father of her son, Richard, 22—was killed in the 1983 Beirut bomb blast. "Even though I worked with Lee Greenwood for 15 years and did USO tours, I didn't really understand the whole military thing until I met them," he says. "It all came to a head for me on 9-11 as I watched the events on TV and how hard they hit my wife. It's like a light went off in me: now I get it.'" He has recorded four albums, including two released earlier this year.