Erica Durance since ‘Smallville’

Celebrity Q&A, Featured Article
on June 11, 2012


What is Erica Durance from Smallville doing these days?
—Stephanie Besson, New Orleans, La.
The Canadian-born Durance, best known in the U.S. for her role as Lois Lane in The CW series, took time off after the show wrapped to spend with family. Then she flew to Malta and shot Gemelle, an Italian film in which she plays twins. 
But nowadays, you can catch her on the new NBC series Saving Hope, in which she plays a doctor with no superpowers but instead has a fiancé who winds up in a coma. 
“I love TV and I love a good script—I had been given a bunch of different choices, and I kept coming back to this one because of the heart that’s in it and because of the love story,” she says. “Yes, it has the medical side of it, and I think that there’s something in me that loves that side and all the angst and all the drama that can happen within that, but really at the core of it—it’s about holding on to hope within yourself.” 
Durance says that the fact that Saving Hope wasn’t a science fiction show didn’t weigh into her decision to join the cast, despite the fact that she still misses Smallville
“When you have done something as long as that, it takes time to find its way out. It was a different chapter and I look back and it is something I was really fond of,” she says. Saving Hope will wrap production in July and then the actress, who turns 34 on June 21, plans to head to London for a vacation. “I want to take my son on the bullet train and go all over Europe,” she says.