Actress Erika Eleniak

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on July 2, 2005

Erika Eleniak stars in a lot of movies on the Lifetime Network. What can you tell me about her?
—Bryson W., Texas

Erika Eleniak, 35, has starred in four Lifetime movies. Most recently, she was featured in 2004's Fatal Lessons: The Good Teacher and 2005's Fatal Reunion, a thriller with a twist. Eleniak recently completed a TV movie called Absolute Zero. The Glendale-born actress moved around Southern California a lot while growing up, and began her career at age 10 in commercials. She had a role in E.T. at age 12, and had no idea the film would become a classic. "In fact, all I knew was it was about a boy and an alien, and when you're 12, you're going, ‘Oh great!'" says Eleniak, who recently attended the film's 25th anniversary reunion. She now lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which she fell in love with during the filming of a movie four years ago. "I'm such a mountain girl," says Eleniak, who also fell in love with Roch Daigle, a member of the film's crew. "It just all fell into place, one piece at a time. I've been very busy and things have really been good."