Celebrity Q&A, People
on January 29, 2012

Q: Is Eureka going to be returning or was the Christmas episode the last we'll see of the TV series?

—Karl Black, Springfield, Mass.

According to a spokesperson for Syfy, there are a dozen more episodes of the series to come. The decision has yet to be made if the fifth and final season will air in the spring or in the summer, but because the producers had enough notice, they were able to write a series finale to wrap things up.

"I think that the next season premiere should have been the season finale from this year, because not only does it address what went on, it makes this crazy left turn that they deal with for the rest of the time," says Colin Ferguson, 39, who plays Sheriff Jack Carter. "And it's a really, really cool idea. It's not what you expect, you could never guess that it's coming, and it's the best ending of any episode we've had."

Ferguson goes on to say, "I like it because everyone sort of comes back. We have Wallace Shawn, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton coming back-and for long stretches. It really feels like we set up our family finally. And it's a great way to send it off."